The Linton Lodge  -

No. 9444

Founders first meeting minutes

        Minutes of the first meeting of the Lodge founders. (Saturday February 16th 1991)


    A meeting of prospective founders took place at the Village Hall, Linton, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, at 10.30am in the presence of the following;

R.W.Bro David James Welsh, the Provincial Grand Master and Brother G.R. Fraser Platt, A. Royle Brear, John Culpan, F.Y. McKendrick, Peter Steel, Harold B. Wrathall, Kenneth Milner, George Turnbull, Kenneth Lunn, Elwyn Hughes, Cyril R Holmes, Arthur C Cook, Peter Spear, Jim Steggles, Ian Tanner, W. Durkin G. Michael Shipman, Mike Pinder, Brian J Geraghty, John D Steele, David Dale, Derek Walker, Robert Debell, R.B.Robinson, Stephen Wright, Harry-Piercy, John Roberts, Keith Playforth, Stephen Lunn, Allan Deaton, Brian Emmett, Martin Gray.

    A short welcoming address was given by Brother G.R. Fraser Platt who said that though this morning's Meeting was the culmination of two years work, it was just the beginning of a lot more hard work and he hoped that all there would feel they wanted to be a part of this work.

    He then put the meeting in the hands of W Bro A Royle Brear who spoke at length about the name of the new lodge to be formed. Local names such as The Linton Lodge or The Wetherby Lodge were not taken up with a lot of enthusiasm and the Provincial Grand M David J Welsh suggested “The Lodge of Universal Brotherhood”, this met with a great deal of approval, W.Bro Brear then suggested that the Lodge of David was particularly appropriate for besides having historical Masonic connotations it was not in use in our Province and was by chance the christian name of our Provincial Grand Master, a vote was then taken and it was resolved that the new Lodge should bear the name, “The Lodge Of David". W.Bro Brear then invited R.W. Brother David James Welsh to take the chair of the meeting and explained to the brethren the Grand Lodge ruling that the senior Grand Lodge officer in the founder members was expected to be the first Worshipful Master and that R.W. Brother David J. Welsh had indicated his willingness to do this if it was the wish of the brethren, W.Bro A.Royle Brear then proposed and W.Bro G.R. Fraser Platt seconded that our Provincial Grand Master, R. W. Bro David J Welsh should be the first Master of the Lodge of David, this received an enthusiastic reception and was approved unanimously. The Provincial G M then proposed and W.Bro C.R. Fraser Platt seconded that the first Immediate Past Master should be W.Bro A. Royle Brear PAGDC? PPSGW; this was also unanimously approved.

    A long discussion then took place on the nights which were available for letting from the Village Hall these being, any Tuesday or the 3rd and 4th Thursday in the Months October to April inclusive and it Was resolved by a majority vote that the 3rd Thursday would be for the main practice and that the 4th Tuesday would be the day of the regular lodge. W.Bro G.R.F.P. was asked to communicate this to the Management Committee of the Village Hall.

    The Provincial GM then said that it was necessary to appoint a secretary, and he proposed that W.Bro C.R. Fraser Platt should be·elected, this was seconded and approved, it was also thought that an assistant secretary was needed and Bro Martin D. Gray volunteered to help, this was also approved, the PGM asked that W.Bro K. Milner should lend his experience by being our Treasurer and this was approved. It was proposed by W.Bro. F. Y. McKendrick and seconded by W.Bro H.B. Wrathall that the treasurer should be given authority to open a bank account in the name of the Lodge of David and to sign cheques and receive monies on behalf of the lodge with the second signatory of cheques to be W.BRO C.R. Fraser Platt, this was approved by the brethren.

A collection was then taken from each of the brethren present of £10 from each brother who intended becoming a founder member as a sign of serious intent being for immediate working expenses.

     A  Steering Committee was then appointed to consider various questions and report back to the brethren this was to consist of The Provincial GM and Bros Brear, CRFP, John Culpan, K. Milner, Martin Gray.

    A short discussion took place on the question of Founders Fees and the costs formation with regards to regalia and other expenses, the Secretary said the regalia which was not provided by donation would be obtained at trade price, Brother B Emmett said we should ensure that the founders fee was not pitched too low as monies could always be refunded if it was too high. The secretary suggested that these questions of finance could be discussed by the Steering Committee. The Meeting closed at 12 noon.

                                                                                                                                                                    [Signed by D J Welsh]

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